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How Do Hearing Aids Work?


How do hearing aids work in noisy places to help you hear properly? Hearing aids are incredible technology that use some key differences between speech and noise to separate the two types of auditory stimulus (sounds) from one another. Noise tends to be more steady-state, meaning it does not have much fluctuation in [...]

How Do Hearing Aids Work?2019-10-01T19:54:41+00:00

Why Can’t I Hear?


Don't Suffer In Silence One of the first signs of hearing loss is when someone, who typically hears well in quiet environments, asks the question 'Why can't I hear in noisy places?' Even for someone with normal hearing, noisy settings can be tricky to navigate when trying to make out speech. That’s because [...]

Why Can’t I Hear?2019-10-01T19:44:35+00:00