Hearing Specialists

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Being an independent company means that we can offer each client the best solution for your hearing. We use many different and specialist testing and fitting procedures. And because we are not tied into any single manufacturer we can offer you the best products and service that best matches your requirements.

Our promise if you choose us as your preferred partner

You will always receive a warm welcome accompanied by honest and informed advice, whatever your hearing needs may be.

Your ability to hear well is fundamental to your quality of life and we in turn are passionate about improving and protecting your hearing above and beyond normal expectations within the industry.

We have invested in the very best audiology testing and fitting equipment to ensure we can achieve the best results possible for each and every one of our clients.

Our initial consultation is always free of charge and our priority is to always offer the very best advice for your hearing health.

We promise you will never feel under pressure to buy from us. Our aim is to build a positive relationship with all our clients, based on trust and an understanding that enables us to care for your hearing health in the long-term.


Hearing Assessments

COMMON, EASILY DETECTABLE, SIGNS THAT YOU MAY HAVE A HEARING LOSS INCLUDE; Feeling like other people are not speaking clearly or are mumbling. Friends and family commenting that your television or radio is very loud. [...]


Wax Removal

IT IS NATURAL TO HAVE WAX IN THE EAR, in-fact we need some to keep the ears healthy, lubricating the skin and preventing dust and bacteria from entering. In most cases wax will leave the ear naturally, however, sometimes [...]